Hi, I’m Dillon the co-owner of Dillonades and I’m 12 years old. My mom and I started Dillonades together during the Summer of 2020. You could say juicing runs in my blood, it started with my mom over 15 years ago. She created “Fruity Girl”, a fruit infused iced tea and lemonade company that she sold out of the trunk of her car every weekend to local barbershops, salons, and businesses along with family & friends. As years went by she lost her passion for Fruity Girl and stopped. When my school went virtual and the world shut down due to Covid, I saw that life began to throw my mom lemons, and I decided to partner up with mom and turn those lemons into Dillonades!! We have grown tremendously with our newest branding, additional tasty flavors and great service. We look forward to expanding our warehouses and sharing our bottled happiness with the entire world.
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